June 30, 2015.

My mother, my sister and I have a tradition called the Vranic Ladies’ Ramble. Every June, we take a couple of days, get in the car, and drive somewhere. We visit museums, antique markets and yarn shops, and always consume plenty of baked goods along the way – vegan for my sister, full-butter for me. This has been going on for 4 years now, save the year that my daughter was an infant and I couldn’t tear myself away. It’s a highlight of my year, getting to spend time with my family in this leisurely and nomadic way.

This year we travelled to Prince Edward County. Aside from being jaw-droppingly beautiful, this part of the province has so many things to do that we should have stayed a week instead of two nights. We had lovely time doing the Arts Trail and the Taste Trail, seeing painters’ and potters’ studios, wineries, an alpaca ranch and a lavender farm. We also had an absolutely wonderful dinner at East and Main in Wellington. I walked into the restaurant, and what was I greeted with?

This is what inspiration looks like:


My heart skipped a beat. A wall-full of amazing preserves, jars all ready to be popped open in the dead of winter when there is nary a fresh fruit or vegetable to be found for miles. And stored so beautifully too. I went over to inspect, making the couple that was sitting beside that wall very uncomfortable as I squeezed in close to get a better look. Needless to say I was impressed. So simple, and yet so good. I’m happy to say that I got to try some of their wares on the charcuterie platter I shared with my mom. Deelish.


If you ever find yourself out in Wellington, drop in to East and Main for a dinner or a jar’o something. You won’t be disappointed.



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