Beginnings and Firsts. 1

June 25, 2015.

Seems like lately there have been a whole lot of them for our family. We began a new adventure in August 2014 when we moved from our tiny, dark condo in Queen West, Toronto to our bright, old, work-in-progress of a home in Stratford. We began paying a mortgage every month. I started vegetables and flowers from seed for the very first time, and now there are actually tomatoes in our garden where there once were none. Our daughter will begin junior kindergarten this September, the first day of many, many years of school. (And boy, is she excited!)


Most of all, we began the adventure of Pickles Eh! Someday soon I will tell you the story of how that all came to be, but for now, let’s just say that saying yes to this business has opened up a remarkable path of possibilities. Andy and I have always cooked, in fact some of the best first dates we had were around the stove of my wee treehouse apartment I lived in when we met, making a fantastic meal out of a cookbook, then enjoying it on my tiny deck with a bottle of wine. But making preserves for others to enjoy is a whole new experience. There’s a real responsibility involved, not only to offer up some sweets and savouries that all of you like, but do so in a safe, affordable, ethical way. My goal is to share our journey with you, the highs and lows, the successes and the failures. The lessons learned.


So here’s to beginnings and firsts. Please enjoy your first look around our first website. Check back for new additions like our e-shop and our recipe page, coming soon. You may even see us at your local market or on the shelf of your favourite shop for the first time. And, most importantly, savour the firsts and beginnings in your own life. They really do only happen once. Enjoy them.



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One thought on “Beginnings and Firsts.

  • Nana

    Finally… and it’s a great beginning! Eager to read all about the ins and outs of the business and what is to come next.
    And, I’m yearning for some 3-fruit Marmalade.